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Bullfighting Museum



Bullfighting MuseumThe objective of this museum is to offer, in an easy and clear way, information about thBullfighting Museume Institution of the Royal Cavalry Order of Ronda, its influence at the development and evolution of the art of bullfighting and the place it occupes at Ronda's history and at the Bullfighting's history.


The public exhibition area offers contents that will be increased in the next months: works, editions and documents related to the Royal Cavalry Order, a collection of writings concerning horse riding and sellection of Goya's bulfighting paintings, and, in addition to them, comments about bullfighting at the romantic age written by foreign authors interested in it




I. Royal Cavalry Order of Ronda


Bullfighting MuseumII. Bullfighting


III. Royal Saddlery from the house of Orleans.


IV. Collection of old fire arms.






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