Algaba in Arabic means forest and is an estate of Mediterranean scrubland with splendid cork, gall and holm oaks that create an ecosystem of great beauty and ecological quality. The Algaba Centre invites us to feel the warmth of the earth, her mystery, the life it gives and everything it contributes to enriching experiences and memories.

The Algaba Centre counts on the knowledge and the experience of a group of people from a multi-discipline background, willing to share illusion and professionalism in a place designed for teaching about the natural heritage of the Serranía de Ronda, via the different information centres and their related activities.

Ecology Area: ‘Seasons’, the place to learn about Mediterranean scrubland and enjoy what we offer throughout the year.

Geology Area: ¨Manati’ brings us closer to the impressive world of geology and to learn of the relation between people and rocks throughout history.

Ornithological Area: Blue Climber, for initiation into the passionate world of birds.

Agroecology Area: ¨Algaba¨, the place to learn about the ecological and traditional management of Mediterranean scrubland and Andalusian livestock in danger of extinction.



  1. Guided visit for the different visitors areas. Duration: 2 Hours. Price: 5€ per person
  2. Guided visit and environmental education workshops.Duration: 4 Hours. Price: 10€ per person 
  3. Complete program of activities and lunch. Price: 25€ per person.


Algaba de Ronda

Ctra Ronda Algeciras Km 4,5

29400 Ronda (Málaga)

Tel. 952 11 40 48 / 653 90 10 43