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This building is located at the Cuesta de Santo Domingo street. The first documental proof of the existance of this great house-palace dates from the 18th century. The building has been restored and changed its structure several times due to the different owners it had through the time.

The houseground is irregular and labyrinthian, with lots of stairs and corridors used in order to save without difficulty the different ground levels. The facade, with a great lenght, is adapted to the street's curvature, and has got two towers with different height, as well as two doors.

Belonging to its arabic origin, it conservs one watermine. It is a very complex arab work, that descends to the bottom of the Tajo, where the Guadalevin River flows. It was built using one natural vertical crack at the stones. From the house starts one stair consisting of more than 200 steps descending vertically about 100 metres. Inside there can be found some rooms, used for magazine and grain warehouse.

The building containing this arab work is actally closed to visitors, but the mine as well as its wonderful balcony gardens can be admired. The gardens have always got water at fountains and waterlanes, designed and built at 1923 by the famous architect and painter Forestier, with French ancistors, being the work ordered by the Duchess of Parcent. It is a garden with different stages, reached by stairs decorated with ceramics and with fountains and ponds filled with plenty of water lilies on its sides.